Create a new tenant

  • Creates a new tenant for a customer.
  • After you initiate the operation, it is queued and a task ID is generated. You can get the task ID from the success response. Use this task ID in the 'Get Task Details' API to track the operation's progress.
  • Note
    • This API does not support the creation of a Sandbox tenant.
    • Hybrid Workloads license is valid for eight years, while a SaaS Apps and Endpoints license is valid for three years.
    • Storage Regions once added, cannot be removed.
    • For SaaS Apps & Endpoint and Hybrid Workloads with Business Edition, any one storage region is supported.
    • All features enabled in the associated Service plan will be enabled compulsorily for the tenant. Need to send those feature attributes in the API.
    • Feature Endpoints do not support business edition.
    • For valid products and their values, see -
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