Activate a user

Activates an already preserved user.
When you activate a user:
1) The user status would change from Preserved to Active.
2) State of all devices assigned to this user would change from Disabled to Enabled.
3) Backups from the user's device(s) would resume as per the configuration.
4) Before activating a user, if a user has consumed, for example, one Endpoints preserved license, then post-activation one Endpoints preserved license is freed up and one Endpoints active license is consumed (the same rationale applies to all workloads).
5) The license state of all the workloads associated with this user would change from Preserved to Active only if the user has Active licenses available for all the associated workloads.
For example, consider this scenario wherein you are trying to activate a user who has consumed one Endpoints preserved license, one Microsoft 365 preserved license, and one Google Workspace preserved license, but the user has only one Microsoft 365 Active license and one Google Workspace Active license available, and Endpoints Active license is not available, then:
a. the user activation would fail, as there is no active Endpoints license available.
b. the user will remain in a preserved state, and the license state of Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Endpoints would continue to remain in the preserved state.

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