Partner Integrations

Simplify business operations by integrating with our partners and extend data protection policies into your existing solution stack.

Data is an asset in today’s interconnected world. With the changing digital landscape and emerging mobile workplace, managing business and employee data become a key trust factor for organizations. By plugging into Druva’s API based ecosystem integrations, IT teams can tap into new sources of data, improve existing business processes, and reuse existing skills and resources to automate business processes.

Druva offers the following type of integrations -

Pre-built IntegrationsAPI-driven Integrations
Seamlessly integrate Druva into security, identify & user management, IT ops, SaaS ops, and eDiscovery/ Forensic tools. See the list of Integrations.Empower developers with extensive API library to seamlessly develop custom integrations across Druva APIs.


Enjoy the following benefits with partner integrations -

  • Pre-built simplicity - Seamless integrations eliminate the need for expensive integration tools
  • Faster time to value - Code snippets and APIs expedite custom integrations into your homegrown solutions
  • Streamline Operations - Extend data protection policies and workflows into operational consoles reducing complexity and increasing IT productivity

Pre-built Integrations

Automated onboarding and off-boarding of users in Druva Endpoints and Data Governance. Learn more
Import Druva Endpoints and Data Governance and Hybrid Workloads reports and their statistics into Bocada's heterogenous Backup Management Console. Learn more
Ingest Druva's case-relevant data from Endpoints and CloudApps into Exterro's platform simplifying eDiscovery. Learn more
Druva and FireEye Helix integration strengthens endpoint resilience, reduces downtime, and accelerates recovery from Ransomware attacks. Learn more
Create a trusted relationship between Druva and Microsoft ADFS enabling organizations to use Active Directory for authenticating users in Druva Endpoints and Data Governance. To set up SSO, refer here. To set up automatic provisioning of users, refer here.
Enables Single sign-on (SSO) and automatic provisioning of mobile and endpoint users into the Druva Platform. To set up SSO, refer here. To set up automatic provisioning of users, refer here.
Integrate Druva Platform incidents into ServiceNow’s centralized ticketing systems and notify organizations of failed backups from the ServiceNow console. Learn more
Launches Druva's automated ransomware playbook enabling organizations to respond, mitigate, and recover from Ransomware threats within minutes. Learn more
Integration with Palo Alto XSOAR provides an automated and workflow-based orchestration mechanism in case of a security incident. Learn more

Learn more about gathering data insights using Druva's Rest APIs