Create an administrator

Creates an administrator in the Druva Console.



To use this API endpoint, enable the Administrator API from Druva Cloud settings.



If you try to create a Product administrator using the Try It! button, you may run into issues because of a bug in the developer portal. The developer portal is unable to generate a valid payload at the moment with the itemList field set as an empty array []. That's the reason why the Try It feature fails to create an admin.

We are working with the provider of the developer portal to fix this issue.

For now, you can use the following cURL request that provides a sample payload. It includes the itemList field set to an empty array ([]). You can write a script that sends a valid payload to the platform, and it will create your admin.

curl --location '' \
--header 'accept: application/json' \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' \
--data-raw '
  "role": "Product",
  "productAccessControls": {
    "products": [
        "productID": 8193,
        "productRole": "Profile Admin",
        "accessControls": [
            "collectionName": "Default",
            "collectionID": 795,
            "resource": "Profiles",
            "itemList": []
            "collectionName": "Endpoints",
            "collectionID": 1,
            "resource": "Workloads",
            "itemList": []
  "druvaDomainLegalConsent": true,
  "adminEmail": "[email protected]",
  "adminName": "ins_product11",
  "timezone": "UTC"

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