Events API for MSPs

This article provides you information on how to get started with Event APIs for MSPs.

About Events API

Using the Events API, you can export the supported events and take the following benefits -

  • Get all the supported events in a single API call
  • Monitor the reported failures and take corrective actions
  • Integrate the exported events with the third-party SIEM tool

Supported Events

The following events are supported -

  • Jobs
  • Login Activities

Supported Druva Workloads

The Events API is currently supported only for VMware - Hybrid Workloads.

Note - More Druva workloads will be supported soon in the future.

For the complete list of types of events supported, see Supported Hybrid Workload events.

Get Started

Step 1 - Generate a token to access Events API

To generate a token to access Events API, see Authentication.

Step 2 - Make API requests

Fetch the required events by referring to the MSP Events API reference.