About Enterprise Workloads Events API

Using the Events API, you can export events from Enterprise Workloads.

Note: Currently, the common Events API is available only for VMware workload. This API will support all the workloads with subsequent releases.

This API capability helps organizations to:

  • Get the job events in a single API call
  • Monitor job failures and take corrective actions
  • Integrate the exported events with the third-party SIEM tool

Workflow to export Enterprise Workloads events

By default, the option to export events is available to all customers with the Elite, Enterprise, and Business license editions. Perform the following steps to export the events:

  1. Generate a token to access the Event API.
  2. Access Event API through any REST Client to receive a response in JSON format.

Access Events API

Make API requests. For more information, see the Events API reference.

Supported Enterprise Workloads events

The following table lists the VMware events that you can export by using the Events API:

Event CategoryEvent TypesEvent StateDescriptionEvent Details
Jobs eventJobTriggeredNAEvent related to job triggered for backup and restores of VMware VMs. {"productName": "Hybrid Workload","workloadID": "Vmware","workloadName": "VMware","orgName": "","orgID": 1,"administrativeGroupID": 1,"administrativeGroupName": "","initiator": "[email protected]","jobTriggerSource": "ManualUI","message": "backup job triggered","description": "backup job is triggered for vm vm1 and job id is 10","jobID": 10,"jobType": "backup","jobCreateTime": "2023-01-01T00:00:00Z","backupPolicy": "","vcenter": "","vmName": "vm1","hypervisor": "","resourceID": 1}
Jobs eventJobEndedFailed, Cancelled, Skipped, Backup Window Expired, Scan Failed, Successful with errors, Successful.Event-related to job completed finished for backup and restores of VMware VMs.{"productName": "Hybrid Workload","workloadID": "Vmware","workloadName": "VMware","orgName": "","orgID": 1,"administrativeGroupID": 1,"administrativeGroupName": "","initiator": "System","jobTriggerSource": "ManualUI","message": "backup job done","description": "backup job has finished for vm vm1 with status Successful","jobID": 10,"jobType": "backup","jobCreateTime": "2023-01-01T00:00:00Z","jobStartTime": "2023-01-01T00:00:00Z","jobEndTime": "2023-01-01T00:00:00Z","jobStatus": "Successful","backupPolicy": "","vcenter": "","vmName": "vm1","hypervisor": "","resourceID": 1}